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You may be starting up an organization that has great aims and philanthropic purposes. This is a noble task, and the pride that comes with doing such noble work is second to none. There is no greater feeling than to know that you’re able to make even just one person’s life better in this world we live in.

Yet how can you feed hungry people if you don’t have food? How can you educate children if you don’t have books or even chalk? How can you spread a message of love and hope around the world if you don’t even have shoes on your feet?

No matter how ascetic your objectives are, you can’t change this fact: money is essential if you want your organization to be able to do anything. As noble as any purpose can be, even the most basic of organizations need funding to function properly.

There is one way for your organization to get money for its objectives. And that’s through a non profit grant.

What’s a non profit grant?

Non profit grants are, to be simple, funding from certain individuals or organizations to your organization for non profit purposes. This is the main difference between a non profit grant proposal and a proposal for investment capital. The latter aims to use the money funded to make more money, while the former aims to use the money funded to reach the objectives of the non profit organization.

What’s a non profit grant proposal?

A Non profit grant proposal is, to be simple once again, a written document requesting non profit grants from a certain individual or organization. It basically outlines the objectives of your organization, how it matches or coincides with the objectives of the funding party, the plans on how you’ll go about achieving that objective and other relevant information about your non profit organization.

What do I get out of it?

Of course, the most important gains you’ll have from getting a non profit grant is the money. Other than that, you build up social and professional networks with the party that’s funding your organization. Plus you get more social awareness of your organization, as the funding party will then support your organization. The bigger the profile of the funding party, the bigger the non profit grant’s “advertising effect” is for your organization.

What are my responsibilities?

The most important responsibility you’ll have to bear when you’re given a non profit grant is to provide a way of showing the funding party you’re able to meet your objectives. You could even take it one step further and bring yourselves to exceed the objectives you initially set when you requested the grant. You’d better prove that you’re able to solve world hunger if that’s what your organization’s all about. Otherwise, you may have the really nasty experience of having your funding pulled out from under your feet.

So now that you know the four basics of non profit grants, you may want to consider writing up a proposal for your non profit organization. After all, no organization would function without funding.

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A grant proposal has more impact if it effectively communicates the potential change the proposed project will make. can help you build maps and charts based on strong data analysis to show your grant proposal is more than a dream.

Would you like grant training that shows how to use to improve your proposals? View the following slideshow:

How to Use for Grant Writing & Reporting

These slides are from a webinar (11/16/11) designed to demonstrate how to use to enhance your grant proposals and reports with visually impactful and relevant data, maps, and charts. Learn how to access data that highlights the needs and opportunities within your communities of interest and how to make the case that your program will make a difference.

In this training you will learn how to:
– Gather data for your particular area of interest by creating your own community boundaries.
– Create maps and charts that provide the visual evidence to demonstrate both the need and potential within your community.
– Report your results – make the case that your program or project has had a positive and measurable impact.

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One critical part of an effective nonprofit grant propsal is to include supporting data from an authoritative source. Check out some of the data sources proposed in the following Slideshare presentation:

Grant Writing: Summary Concepts 1 4

This is a sample of training concepts related to grant or funding proposal development. You will note that it refers to HIV/AIDS services, although the concepts are universal. Customizable training of this type is currently offered in South Florida or Central Indiana. Courses are available in Strategic Planning, Board Orientation and Training, Program Development, Grant Writing and Evaluation. Courses may be introductory in nature or highly advanced resulting in completed projects.

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This is a sample training video from the video series produced for Digitalembrace’s e-Funding solution. This solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and associated technologies. This sample video describes how this e-Funding framework is customized for the OMAFRA RPM Funding Management System. OMAFRA (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affiars) manages over $9B in funds across 27 grants programs. Digitalembrace built the RPM system (Rural Program Management) by extending the out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics CRM product with a front-end web-portal for Grants Applications, Status Submissions, and most importantly, Claims Processing. This grants accelerator was built in-house at Digitalembrace and is currently being leveraged by other other Ministries within the Land & Resource Cluster, as well as other Ministries in other I&IT Clusters.
This grants solution provides full functionality in accordance to the Ontario Government GO-ITS guidelines and standards for Grants Management, including modules for: Program definition, Application Submission, Assessment, Contract Award, Claims Processing, Program Management, and Project Closure.
Microsoft technologies are fully integrated in disparate environments, including Dynamics CRM housed at the .NET Centre of Excellence SDE, and Sharepoint at JTS (Justice Technology Services). InfoPath is utilized for the forms module.
This total e-Funding solution can be further “Customized” for specific needs in the areas of Loans (i.e. Student Loans and bursaries), Registration (i.e. licensing), Assessment (i.e. training & certification), Finaicial management, and of course, Grants & Funding applications.

This video was produced by Landed Entertainments, with actors Jenna Lee and Victor Chiu.

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EWMI G-PAC began using Skype to review grant proposals in June 2012. This innovative initiative allows applicants to directly answer the committee’s questions and brings a more holistic approach to the grant review process.

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